Hereditary hemochromatosis is a disorder that causes the body to absorb too much iron from the diet. The excess iron is stored in the body's tissues and organs, particularly the skin, heart, liver, pancreas, and joints. Because humans cannot increase the excretion of iron, excess iron can overload and eventually damage tissues and organs. For... Continue Reading →


    I am certain my parents lied to me....I am not 100% French. Somewhere, somehow a little Celtic blood snuck into both families in order for me to inherit an H63d gene from each parent. I'm changing my ancestry origins to 80% French and 20% Celtic. ย Here is something to read......ย  ย  ย ย http://irishamerica.com/2013/08/the-great-hunger-and-the-celitc-gene/I  ... Continue Reading →


Hereditary Hemochromatosis is too much iron in the human body. It is the equivalent to a rusty boat sunken at sea. At sea rusticles are formed as the wrought iron begins to oxidize in the water. ย It is a bacteria slowly eating away at the metal. Too much iron accelerates mitochondrial decay and inflicts system-wide... Continue Reading →

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