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It's blank... I literally have zero things to write tonight. Too afraid to open the flood gate before I visit my favorite oncologist, hematologist doctor. I stopped using the CPap because it is what is causing me vomit as I sleep. I will once again ask to stop using the hormone and life zapping drug... Continue Reading →


History and Physical Examination Patients with hereditary hemochromatosis may be asymptomatic or may present with general and organ-related signs and symptoms. Symptoms from hemochromatosis usually begin between age 30 years and age 50 years, but they may occur much earlier in life. Most patients are asymptomatic (75%) and are diagnosed when elevated serum iron levels... Continue Reading →


A share from another site: http://celticcurse.org/cirrhosis-alcohol-ignorance-and-prejudice-welcome-to-hereditary-hemochromatosis/ ******************************* My next post  https://h63d.com/2016/06/21/auntie-mabkes-little-bottke-of-booze/ is from a Washington Post article mentioned in the above post. It is eerily similar to what happened to me. Unfortunate it made me fearful of the medical profession which led to my diagnosis with HH being delayed by several years... Sometimes the truth... Continue Reading →

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