Medical myths article From the first paragraph in the article in the above line.- "In the practice of bloodletting, doctors drained patients' blood in hopes that it would help them stave off illness. It was a dubious practice that was used to treat everyone from medieval peasants to George Washington, and suffice it to say,... Continue Reading →


History and Physical Examination Patients with hereditary hemochromatosis may be asymptomatic or may present with general and organ-related signs and symptoms. Symptoms from hemochromatosis usually begin between age 30 years and age 50 years, but they may occur much earlier in life. Most patients are asymptomatic (75%) and are diagnosed when elevated serum iron levels... Continue Reading →

🍀 13 Symptoms of Too Much Iron

A LITTLE MORE INFO TOO MUCH IRON (or too little iron; anemia) (I am a post menopausal woman. What I describe is my own personal journey  for an accurate diagnosis followed by  maintaining my iron level in a healthy range. Please use my information as a beginning. Add it in your own conversation with your doctor.) ... Continue Reading →

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