I realize this article was written 10 years ago but it is still very relevant. Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1999. I have lived a secret double life. Afraid to share with anyone that I have this disease! When I was diagnosed with Hemochromatosis in 2008 I though "Will this remove the stigma which... Continue Reading →


History and Physical Examination Patients with hereditary hemochromatosis may be asymptomatic or may present with general and organ-related signs and symptoms. Symptoms from hemochromatosis usually begin between age 30 years and age 50 years, but they may occur much earlier in life. Most patients are asymptomatic (75%) and are diagnosed when elevated serum iron levels... Continue Reading →


Hereditary Hemochromatosis is too much iron in the human body. It is the equivalent to a rusty boat sunken at sea. At sea rusticles are formed as the wrought iron begins to oxidize in the water. Β It is a bacteria slowly eating away at the metal. Too much iron accelerates mitochondrial decay and inflicts system-wide... Continue Reading →

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