Hereditary Hemochromatosis is too much iron in the human body. It is the equivalent to a rusty boat sunken at sea. At sea rusticles are formed as the wrought iron begins to oxidize in the water.  It is a bacteria slowly eating away at the metal. Too much iron accelerates mitochondrial decay and inflicts system-wide... Continue Reading →


.....and a cure for Hemochromatosis. I'm tired of being tired. Maybe an increase in social security disability this year to meet the actual cost in inflation? $2.40 per month is not happening.

🍀 13 Symptoms of Too Much Iron

A LITTLE MORE INFO TOO MUCH IRON (or too little iron; anemia) (I am a post menopausal woman. What I describe is my own personal journey  for an accurate diagnosis followed by  maintaining my iron level in a healthy range. Please use my information as a beginning. Add it in your own conversation with your doctor.) ... Continue Reading →


Here. Is s great example of how Hereditary Hemochromatisis is overlooked. It is easier to look at what is on hand; an apparent drunken patient who strongly denied alcohol abuse. "She must be lying about how much alcohol she is using!"  Aa alcoholic can easily forget how many bottles of beer they have had... Continue Reading →


A share from another site: ******************************* My next post is from a Washington Post article mentioned in the above post. It is eerily similar to what happened to me. Unfortunate it made me fearful of the medical profession which led to my diagnosis with HH being delayed by several years... Sometimes the truth... Continue Reading →

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