MEET PHRED the CAT 😻 (and Sugar the Dog!) page 1

It all began with a basket of kittens…I agreed to help a local rescue with an over abundance of sweet little kittens.

“Sure I can help!” Having recently lost my senior cat named Myla to kidney disease. She was 15 years old. I was heartbroken the day I brought her for her final visit to the vets. Having giving sub Q’s (liquids by iv needle) for months I knew it time to say goodbye to my sweet baby girl. Every time I poked her with the sub Q needle she stopped fighting. She also leaked from every other hole in the back of her neck.

I was choosing kindness over love. 😿❀️

(I said goodbye to Myla in August 2010.

In October I said YES to helping a little of mommy-less 2 week old baby kittens. As each popped out of the carrier I named them; Buffy, Phred, Princess, Peep and Willow.

My heart knew we couldn’t keep them. However I kept all but Willow. a family had already chosen her.

The kittens were followed by a dog; part Chi-WOW-hua and part Dog dump. This dog was given to me without explaining he had kidney failure. The family didn’t have the heart to inform me I would be spending a great deal of money to discover he was ready to be put to sleep.i named him Devo. I loved him for just under 2 years before I sent him over the rainbow bridge.

Next came Sugar. I met her the day she was brought into a rescue. She WAS a red hot mess. Dirty, matted and still wanting to be loved.”I want to adopt this one!”I said to to the rescue. “She may not be available. She has mammary cancer.” “She has breast cancer?” “Yes. We don’t know anything more. If the cancer is extensive we will find a hospice home for her to spend her life in. If it is something we can cure, she will be ready for adoption in 6-8 weeks.” I called and asked how she was doing. Not wanting to get my hopes up I pretended I was just a caring and concerned pet lover.the day she was put up on the adoptable list I was ready with checkbook in hand. sugar became my sweet 10 year old baby girl! After all I beat breast cancer at age 49. Sugar beat breast cancer at age 10. We were a pair made in heaven!

Here Sugar is on the rescue’s adoption list, top row, second from the left. My little mop top sweetie baby girl! It does not end here… OH No!!🐢❀️

SUGAR is shown on the rescues roster- Top Row, Second from the Left.

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