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From the first paragraph in the article in the above line.-

“In the practice of bloodletting, doctors drained patients’ blood in hopes that it would help them stave off illness. It was a dubious practice that was used to treat everyone from medieval peasants to George Washington, and suffice it to say, usually did little to help affected patients.

Thankfully, bloodletting has gone out of style, and most doctors and citizens are as well-informed about proper medical care as they’ve been at any point in history.”

This miss-information couldn’t be more incorrect! I have sent a message to the website with a brief explanation of HH. Explaining how bloodletting for anyone with the disorder considers “blood letting” a lifesaving medical treatment. Misinformation can only hurt! I believe barbers in the mid evil age was on the money by removing blood. Maybe hemochromatosis did not have a name back then yet untold hundreds, or thousands (or millions?) of people swore by the weekly/bi weekly/monthly ritual of bloodletting by the town barber or the town doctor.. If removing blood made people feel better it was probably an early treatment for iron overload.

This is why it is important to get this disorder out into the mainstream media for 2 reasons. First is to correct misconceptions. The second, and primary, is so much more important; helping to bring awareness to the genetic anomaly called hemochromatosis! Treatment is easy! We have a pint of blood taken. yes, I do feel better after having a pint of blood removed! . Think how many lives could be saved if more information was out in the mainstream media?

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