major storm ripped through the northeast last night taking out our electricity. I can live by flashlight and candle. Since Iโ€™m the only house with a gas stove I whipped up a great tasty batch of beef stew and shared with my neighbors. Candlelight meal with my destine Bob then with the hubby Chuck an hour later is probably a once in a once in any event all star gazing aside I realized I NEED a nebulizer treatment. Without any electricity itโ€™s not quite happening. I dragged out my portable bed which plugs into the car socket. It is working but not with the force necessary. If I get a generator if only to breath safely?

Thr rlectricity is expected to return in 24-48 hours…. that isnt quick enough. I am imagining our brothers dnd sisters in Puerto Rico bring without power for 6 weeks. I cannot complain that we have been without it for 22 hours.



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