Tonight I made a big pot of pasta and sauce for my guy. He is Italian and could live off of spaghetti and meatballs. Really! Me? Not so much. Unless I hunt down an imported brand of pasta which has zero% iron in it I won’t touch the stuff. I’m more inclined to add my wicked awesome tomato sauce on top of jasmine rice. I have discovered a never ending supply of Goya brand rice which has zero% iron.

As iron intolerant I believe I have held my maintenance time off between phlebotomies by watching my dietary intake of iron.

I’ve wondered if ingesting iron has triggered autoimmune response because it is so low in my body. I’m about to visit my Oncologist (who treated my Hemochromatosis as well as following my breast cancer) for labs. I had one phlebotomy the spring another in August. With each my ferritin was at 47 and 67 respectively. My personal goal was to keep my ferritin at or below 75 originally but I changed it to 50. So far I have felt less pain in my hands, thumbs and wrists while keeping my ferritin at or below 50.

Is my body triggering an autoimmune response to ingested iron? Tonight against my better choice I had a plate of pasta only because it was my first batch of tomato sauce made with the tomatoes grown this year in my garden, terrible gardening this year!. It was store brand pasta which meant it contained more iron than most others. I immediately regretted my haste in piling a plate high. Belly bloat set in immediately. Now several hours later I am feeling my thumbs screaming for relief! They are stiff and itchy!

Tomorrow will be the deciding factor. I will either be a stiff, tired old bag of nothing or I will be my usual so-so ready to go as long as it’s not too hard. Being half way though a Pulmonary rehab program; treadmill, bicycle and some funky water wheel which you push and pull with your hands. Each I spend 2 minutes. I feel as though I have come a long way from the first day. I could only do 5 minutes on the treadmill before I asked to used oxygen.

Wishing for the best of both worlds is like wishing for the moon to be full every night. (I’m a night owl!) I don’t want to experience the feelings of stiffness, pseudo-gout (aching, burning and swollen joints) which is my sure sign my iron has climbed to the ‘too high’ point.

On another health related matter I received the ct scan results from my primary care doctor today. It contained some scribbled words noting I should follow up with the kidney specialist for the kidney tumor I have been politely ignoring for 3 years. (Yes I realize I should have been at the doctors office 2.5 years ago but I am entirely over having a specialist for every body part when none of them seems to be in synch with each other. That is another story…… the pneumonia has not passed. Because of the exposure I had at a young age the words “asbestos exposure’ are being written into medical records. I don’t like to see that. It bothers me just as COPD on my records does. The CT scan also noted ribs broken ribs I received 30 years ago at the hands of an angry boyfriend are still very visible.

Today was a good day despite cloudy skies and downpours. It is still warm weather which is rare in northern Massachusetts which I love.

Over and out. 👩🏻‍💻

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