I WON THE LOTTERY!! in a bad way…

Here are my chances of winning the grand prize in the POWERBALL lottery are 1 in 292,201,338. LINK

My chances of actually having a genetic disability caused by TWO COPIES of the H63d genes causing  HEREDITARY HEMOCHROMATOSIS  are 1 in 4. LINK

I guess I give up on winning the cash lottery in this lifetime and just stick with the truth? the truth genuinely is priceless. 

HOWEVER if you are still reading and would like to donate one dollar so I can prepay my direct burial expense before I die? 

Paypal and I will kindly accept any donation. Using this email ( b@hippybabe.com ) please choose the friends and family option so I get the full $1 donation. PAYPAL LINK

Thank you! Maybe I really can win the other lottery $1 at a time. (And prepay my direct cremation account so I can take care of the legal aspects and be buried in peace?) 

Image from LINK

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