Part of accepting I have a chronic illness has been learning to hide it from the world. 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒
I have blood removed in pints and tubes.🤡💉🍷
I have fluids replaced though bags called “banana bags”. 🍌🙊
I feel awful 23.5 hours of every day. 🦄☂️🛌
My pharmacist and I are on a first name basis!⛑🌡💊
I an sick of saying I am fine. 🤕🔪
I don’t make any plans for the future because I have disappointed myself far to many times by canceling. ☠️
When I say “I’ll call you when I feel better” it means you’re no longer on the list of friends who understand I will not get better.⚰️
It really sucks feeling like shit.💩
I am not depressed.😳
Taking a bath is painful. hot water is painful and exhausting with chronic pain. 🔥❄️
I will not get over it. I am sick of this statement.💭🥊
If you would like to verify this is not caused by childhood trauma please visit me to review my medical records. It is an inherited disease.🤣
Chronic pain is caused by different reasons. I should not have to hide this disease because of everyone else’s shame.🍭🐳
It is called Hereditary Hemochromatosis or Iron Overload.🏋️🏋️‍♀️
Click the follow me button to follow my saga. I promise it is not a sad journey…. 🎱 

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