Karma? What exactly is Karma? Is it sharing a lifetime of medical knowledge through experience from a patient or is it b***s#!*ing your way through life? 

Way back when I was actually younger than dirt and my kids were still living at home I was diagnosed with depression. I may have had symptoms overlapping those of HH, fibromyalgia and being a single mom working 6 days a week. I was placed on antidepressants. I took as prescribed because at that point my ex had retained his Cousin Vinnie and won custody. Yeah court cases are not always decided fairy in the best interest of what is best for the child. 

BAD MOVE! Antidepressants are not necessarily a healthy alternative for someone with a failing liver caused by Hemochromatosis. It just makes matters worse. Cousin Vinnie (not his name but get really was a Cousin Vinnie) was paid to get my son out of my home which stopped the EX from paying child support. (NOTE to READER…Financial bearing played a large part of this) 

Wait. Edited from original- Cousin Vinnie informed the court that my liver failure was from drug and or alcohol abuse. He didnt need proof. It stood as record because he said so. Where was my lawyer? At a budget rate of $90 hour he wasnt actually representing my interest. He was just there to fufil his original retainer amount. Custody battles always have 2 sides? When 1 side has a Cousin Vinnie (free $$) and the other has a low cost alternative (LOTS and LOTS of $$) the battle is never fair. Both stories do not get told. The child (children) NEVER are represented. It is not about custody. It is about control and who gains financially. If Jessica had killed my son and I honestly thought she would, I could not help this child! 

The ex already had a history of drug and alcohol abuse with several failed attempts at inpatient sobriety, he turned our son over for care to his pot smoking, trash talking girl friend named Jessica.  The ex didnt even see his son weekdays despite gaining custody. After 1 year of playing house, Jessica finally abused my son physically, leaving a 6 inch gouge from dragging her fingernails as she grabbed him by the neck. Sadly I had to wait for actual signs of physical abuse. Yeah I filed the police report that brought social services to that home. Did I get custody returned? In a way yes. The boy was 12 and chose to remain with his father. Social services order Daddy’s girlfriend away from my child. Daddy and Boy moved in with Grandma…..They all lived happily after. But me. It took 10 more years before diagnosis. Guess what kid??? Mommy gave you the genetic curse of Hereditary Hemochromatosis! Now that is the best legacy ever. Early treatment before the disease claims you health? 

Moral of the story? The court forced me to take a pill which made an undiagnosed inherited disease worse. My liver continued to fail. I was morally bankrupt, exhausted and getting sicker in 1996. Today in part by eating healthy, abstaining from alcohol and unnecesary chemicals, and proper diagnosis and treatment my liver is not in the negative declining spin any longer.

A secondary twist… Karma? 

I was going to place a copy of the police report HERE however I have decided in the best interest of the child, now an adult, it will only cause more harm than good. 

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