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I want to discuss how being diagnosed with HH has effected your relationships, especially within your family? Did they want to hear it? Did they believe you?

I have updated my about me section to explain more about my personal situation. For reasons other than an inherited disease my family chose not to believe me. I know, let them all get sick. That is not me. I’m sarcastic and witty but mostly I am the MOST caring person you will ever meet in life. There is a pecking order in my family. It is based on the old school family before birth control was allowed. Marriages in the 1950’s had a son and a daughter. Neither could do anything wrong. Until the daughter died suddenly at age 14 from an infection in her heart. Then the son could do no wrong. He could do no wrong even as his parents watched. So yeah. I’m the next daughter. The one my mother repeated wished dead in place of my sister. That was her reality. Not mine. Ive learned to deal with it and all the other things. Except by doing that Ive been labeled the “crazy one” even after receiving a life altering diagnosis. Even after getting a second one of breast cancer. Nope, I was making up both! Since none of my siblings even bothered to visit or call they would never have to face their own immortality through my eyes. It was easier to give me a label and walk away.


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