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is from a Washington Post article mentioned in the above post. It is eerily similar to what happened to me. Unfortunate it made me fearful of the medical profession which led to my diagnosis with HH being delayed by several years…

Sometimes the truth is so bare when placed at the feet of a medical professional who still refuses to see the disease of Too Much Iron.  Ignorance and uneducated professionals are who we have to trust. I was fortunate to have placed my care into the hands of a young doctor, recently hired at a Boston teaching hospital. He had the tools necessary to diagnose Hereditary Hemochromatosis. He also had the yearn to stand above the rest of his graduating class. Twenty one tubes of blood were taken from my arm for tests ranging from anemia and RA  to Lyme disease.  The liver panel test was off. A complete iron panel was done in a follow up visit. It led to more tubes of blood taken. My Ferritin blood test was out of range; too high. Ferritin binds with iron. A climbing ferritin test automatically means the body is storing iron. There are other reasons which a body will store iron other than Hereditdry Hemochromatisis;  

Eventually I heard the words; your arthritis is caused by too much iron. You have an inherited disease, Hereditary  Hemochromatisis. We tested your blood and found you have a double gene of H63d. One gene inherited from each parent. Yes I hit the genetic lottery!!  Sadly it turned into a disease that was shoved under the couch cushion like Auntie Mable!s little bottle of booze hidden in the closet; silent and deadly.

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