Write anything tonight….

It's blank... I literally have zero things to write tonight. Too afraid to open the flood gate before I visit my favorite oncologist, hematologist doctor. I stopped using the CPap because it is what is causing me vomit as I sleep. I will once again ask to stop using the hormone and life zapping drug... Continue Reading →


Call clergy. Hospital's DO dump. I love my lungs. What ever this thing is I could only do opposite as told. Sleep apnea, asthma, GERD and a CPAP (overweight, inactivity etc) kill.


I realize this article was written 10 years ago but it is still very relevant. Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1999. I have lived a secret double life. Afraid to share with anyone that I have this disease! When I was diagnosed with Hemochromatosis in 2008 I though "Will this remove the stigma which... Continue Reading →


Ever been in a sleep lab? The wires attached by gooey wax or something similar stuck to your scalp? Then there was the camera..... but the bed was very comfy. Anyway enjoy.

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